The Most Effective Tonsil Stones Treatment

The tonsil stones may not be particularly harmful but are a source of discomfort to any one with them. They normally affect the throat and the roof of the mouth. The tonsilloliths as they are also referred to are normally materials that are trapped and calcify in the crevices of the tonsils. They are mostly composed of calcium but may also contain other minerals like magnesium phosphorus ammonia and carbonate. They are sometime hard to identify if they are small but there are those cases when they become large and a nuisance. This makes it necessary to seek proper treatment for tonsil stones.

These tonsilloliths mostly affect the young adult and are rare in children. There are several symptoms that those suffering from this condition exhibit. A bad breath is one of the most common signs that victims of this complication have. This can be persistent and will not stop even after brushing regularly. There are those who experience a metallic taste and a foul sensation may also emanate from the back of the throat.

The larger tonsils can cause pain while swallowing, throat tightening and chocking. There are more severe symptoms like ear ache and swelling of the tonsils. There are some cases when white debris can be witnessed from the mouth and sore throat becomes a common occurrence. The small tonsil stones may require more technical skill like the use of X-ray or CAT scans to identify.

There are several methods that can be used to treat the tonsilloliths. This will mostly depend on the size of these stones. The use of an oral irrigator can be effective on the smaller stones. This can be enhanced by gurgling using warm salty water in the morning and before going to bed.

The use of antibiotics is also common as it is bacteria and other material like dead cells and mucus form the bulk of things trapped on the crevices of the tonsils. This is however a temporary treatment option and work on the mild cases only. The larger stones may require removing by curettage and in severe cases surgery. The curettage method will in most cases need to be boosted with the irrigation to effectively remove the smaller pieces.

The use of laser technology has been effective in dealing with tonsilloliths. This is done by making the surface of the tonsils smooth. It clears the edges of the crevices that collect the debris minimizing the chances of trapped material from forming stones.

There is tonsillectomy which is a surgery performed on the tonsils. This is normally done when other methods fail and on the larger and visible stones. It is costly but effective in permanently eradicating the problem as it involves the removal of the tonsil. This leaves no space for the debris that forms the stone to accumulate.The bad breath which is one of the most evident symptoms of this disorder can badly affect ones personal confidence. The desire to deal with these negative setbacks is what drives people to seek treatment for tonsil stones. Gurgling occasionally with salty water can help to keep this rare condition at bay and is recommended to even those who are not yet affected.

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